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Pre-Consultation Engagement

In the past three years we engaged and listened to the views of over 4,000 people on local hospital and community health services to help develop the proposed changes.

We had a number of discussions, workshops and forums with local healthcare professionals and clinicians including GPs, hospital doctors and nurses as well as two independent reviews from external clinical experts.

This included engagement about the:

Details of our engagement activity and how we responded in terms of shaping the proposed changes we consulted on are included in the Pre-Consultation Business Case and engagement reports.

What you told us in the pre-engagement stage

A clear message from the people we talked to was the need for us to address community health services before looking at the ways that hospital services were delivered.  People wanted to see more services provided in the community, including outpatient clinics, so that people only need to go to hospital when they really have to be there, and if they do have to be admitted, that there are community services in place to reduce the number of times they are re-admitted.

Some of the other key themes were:

  • Have as many services as possible close to home in local settings, e.g GP surgeries with improved waiting and appointment times
  • Ensure services are coordinated and focused on an individual persons needs
  • Staff that are caring and competent and treat people with dignity and respect
  • Services that are properly planned and appropriately staffed and resourced and maintain quality
  • More information about health conditions and more communication about what is available
  • Services that everyone can access, including the buildings, appropriate information and staff that represent the community that they serve
  • Any barriers to travel and transport addressed with a clear plan that takes account of diversity and locality
  • Improved communication between all agencies involved in a person’s care and treatment including better communication with young people
  • Services that are responsible and flexible, particularly in an urgent care situation
  • A reduction in delays in getting the treatment required and improved waiting times
  • Technology that people can use to reduce travel times and unnecessary journeys, particularly for young people
  • Support for mental health across all services.

What we then did

The outcomes of the pre-engagement stage helped to shape the formal Public Consultation.  We went to consultation from 15 March to 21 June 2016.

We wanted to know what the Public thought about the proposed changes, if we had missed anything, what worries they might have had and how we could improve the changes we had proposed.

Read more about the Consultation in our various consultation documents and our summary of the proposed changes.