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Social Media Policy

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place (RCRTRP) is a programme of work to review hospital and health services in the Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield area.  The scope of the Programme is limited to the review for Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Greater Huddersfield CCG only.

The Programme operates a number of social media accounts. The Programme reserves the right to delete posts or comments from its social media sites without prior warning. This will be done when the CCG believes the comment or post is in breach of the following terms and conditions:

  • Contributions must be civil and tasteful. They must not be defamatory, libellous, in breach of the Data Protection Act 1988 (as amended), contain obscenities or foul language
  • Contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed with the intention of causing offence or trouble. Users who persistently post comments which are unrelated to the item being commented on may be blocked and their comments deleted
  • Advertising or promotional postings will not be accepted unless with the prior consent of the Programme
  • In line with NHS guidelines, no political campaigning or electioneering will be permitted
  • The Programme reserves the right to block users who are in breach of the terms and conditions above without prior notice
  • The Programme’s decision is final
  • Please note that RCRTRP, Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Greater Huddersfield CCG do not endorse any private company or individual, and this remains the case even when the Programme is ‘friends’ with or ‘follows’ a profile or account on social media sites. 

Liking and following

  • If you ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow or like you in return
  • We will sometimes follow or like people or organisations that provide information that is relevant to our work, and will also try to lend our support to local and national campaigns that are relevant or connected to our services
  • We may also need to like or follow an account in order to take part in conversations; just because we like or follow someone, it does not mean that we necessarily endorse them or their organisation.