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The Consultation

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The Right Care, Right Time, Right Place (RCRTRP) consultation was a public consultation about the future of local hospital and community health services in Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield.

It ran for 14 weeks from March 15 to June 21 2016.

A consultation is the regulatory process by which we provide information about the proposed changes to hospital and community health services and seek the widest public feedback about those proposals.

This consultation was led by NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG. CCGs are led by local GPs and it is our role to commission, plan and buy, the majority of hospital and community health services for our local population.

The Consultation Process

The RCRTRP proposals are the commissioners’ response to the case for change that was developed as part of the Strategic Services Review undertaken in 2013.

The proposed changes were developed to deliver improved outcomes for patients, to enable local hospitals and community health services to meet national standards and to respond to the case for change and challenges being faced by local health services.

Before going to Consultation, the CCGs needed to satisfy a very detailed assurance process carried out by NHS England.

This process is used for all proposed service reconfiguration and organisations proposing changes need to show that proposed changes are based on strong patient and public engagement, patient choice and clinical evidence and have support from local doctors and other clinicians, sound workforce plans, are financially viable, that consideration has been given to accessibility and have been subject to an equality impact assessment.

We also undertook a period of pre-engagement consultation and events over three years with over 4,000 local people which also helped to shape the ideas we have since consulted on

After this period of pre-consultation engagement work, a Pre-Consultation Business Case was presented to the Governing Body of both NHS Calderdale and NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and both made the decision on 20 January at a meeting in public in parallel to take these proposals to consultation led by NHS Calderdale and NHS Greater Huddersfield CCGs.

The Consultation then ran from 15 March to 21 June with people being asked to provide their views, ideas and comments on the proposals.

The Consultation was also rigorously scrutinised and assured by:


We are pleased that so many people responded to the consultation – 7,582 surveys, 500 letters and emails and 8 petitions.

Below is a table outlining some of the activities and engagement work we did:

Activity Reach
Staff engagement (CHFT, CCGs, SWYPFT, Locala) 11,966 individuals
Stakeholder meetings 36 meetings
Calderdale Talkback 1000 individuals emailed via Calderdale Council ‘Talkback’
Kirklees Talkback equivalent 2000 households mailed
Targeted work with Children and Young People 133,741 (Facebook advertising figure only)
Core consultation materials (Consultation Document, Summary, Survey, FreePost envelopes, additional A5 leaflets on Urgent Care Centres, Emergency Care and Planned Care) 137,700 professionally printed consultation materials
Advertising 182,220 individuals (based on circulation provided by media for 5 adverts)
Website 9810 views of the website
Social media (Twitter and Facebook combined) 732,669 people had seen RCRTRP tweets or Facebook posts
Direct Mail 128,471 households
Correspondence received 478 logged comments reviewed by independent reviewer
Public Meetings 896 individuals across 3 public meetings
Information Sessions 762 individuals across 17 information sessions
Awareness Raising Days 48,000 leaflets handed out direct to public & posters put up in 800 locations.

You can read more about what we did in our Reach and Engagement Report.

From this we have gained a wealth of information and feedback that we used to develop a report and recommendations for the Governing Bodies of NHS Calderdale CCG and NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG.

Based on this and other information presented to them, the Governing Bodies each decided unanimously to move to the next stage: developing a Full Business Case to explore implementation of the proposed changes.

For more background and why we need to change have a look at our videos and consultation documents.  

You can also find out about what happens next as we progress with the next stage here.