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Proposed changes | A summary

We are proposing to change the way we treat people – not to close services. 

In developing the proposed changes we considered the key clinical issues, feedback from the public and staff, financial considerations and access for the widest number of people who use our services.

Our proposals are a significant investment including building a new state-of-the-art hospital on the Acre Mills site in Huddersfield.

What would stay the same? 

Both Calderdale Royal Hospital (CRH) and the proposed new hospital on the Acre Mills site at Huddersfield which would replace the existing Huddersfield Royal Infirmary building would still have the following services:

  • Day case surgery
  • Outpatient services for adults and children
  • Midwifery-led maternity unit
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapies e.g. physiotherapy
  • Community services
  • At Calderdale – Consultant-led maternity services

Patients with serious multiple injuries, heart attacks or burns would continue to go to a Specialist Emergency Care Centre such as Leeds or Wakefield.

What would change? 

There are six themes in our new model for hospital and community health services, five linked to hospital services and one to community health services.

Urgent Care Centre   We would be developing Urgent Care Centres (UCC) at both hospitals.

Most people going to A&E now would still go to their local hospital and be seen quicker for treatment for non-life-threatening accidents and health problems. You would be able to make an appointment by calling NHS 111.

These centres would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week staffed by doctors and emergency nurse practitioners.

Emergency Centre We are proposing to develop a single Emergency Centre at Calderdale.

This would bring together all emergency services for patients with very serious or life-threatening illness or injury who need to go to hospital in an emergency. It would ensure you would see the right people with the right expertise at the right time.

Reducing or eliminating transfers between hospitals would also improve safety.

Paediatric Emergency Centre We are proposing to develop a specialist emergency centre for children at Calderdale.

This would mean that children are seen by specialists straight away, improving their care and meaning we would be able to comply with national guidance.

Planned Care We are proposing to develop a dedicated Planned Care Centre at Huddersfield.

This would mean that all planned care operations – routine operations such as hip replacements, knee replacements and other non-emergency procedures, would be less likely to be cancelled.

Community Care We have already developed Care Closer to Home services in both Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield and plan to provide more services in the community helping people get the care they need at home or locally. We would like to provide more services out of the hospital and in the community so we can help people stay independent and avoid going into hospital unless it is for a serious illness or injury.

The proposed models of care are based on providing more care closer to home, particularly for those who need it the most and on reducing the number of avoidable hospital admissions and re-admissions, so fewer hospital beds would be needed.

Under the proposed changes we would need 732 hospital beds, 612 at CRH and 120 at a proposed new hospital on the Acre Mills site at Huddersfield.

We would also continue to develop Community Health Services across both Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield to support people to stay well and independent and to reduce avoidable hospital admissions and re-admissions.

Find out more by each area of the proposed changes by clicking one of the links above.

For more background also have a look at our consultation documents and the travel analysis, or what one of the videos to hear what the clinicians have had to say about the proposed changes.

And, now that the consultation has closed we are updating our website with details around what we did to engage about the proposed changes and what happens next.