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Proposed changes for Paediatric Care

We are proposing to centralise medical and surgical services in a Paediatric Emergency Centre at Calderdale Royal Hospital (CRH).

The first step we always recommend is that parents and carers who have a sick child ring NHS 111 for advice and would be directed to the best place for assessment/treatment. This could be a pharmacy for advice on self care, the child’s own GP practice, or in the future, the Paediatric Emergency Centre.

Under our proposed changes, parents, carers and young people would still be able to go to their local hospital to an Urgent Care Centre just as they go to A&E now, although we would be encouraging them to ring NHS 111 first to make sure they go to the right place first time for the care needed.

However, if a child needed emergency care for a serious illness or injury and/or to be admitted to hospital for tests and treatment they would be taken to the Paediatric Emergency Centre at CRH.

“Under these proposed changes general paediatrcs would be co-located with paediatric surgery, neonates and maternity with a new children’s Emergency Centre. Children don’t always come to hospital with an initially obvious diagnosis and so would benefit from being in one specialist unit with a consultant paediatrician who, together with dedicated paediatric staff, would then coordinate their care with other specialist services. At the moment children are being transferred between sites with staff spread across both main hospitals. Being on one site would be better for our patients and our staff.”

Dr Sal Uka, Consultant Paediatrician Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Protocols in place for NHS 111 and the ambulance service would be refreshed to make sure that any children with injury or illness requiring emergency care were directed to the Paediatric Emergency Centre.

The proposed model for paediatric services also includes enhanced services for children, provided in the community where possible, so that children with certain illnesses and conditions could be seen more quickly. There would be support from and close working with child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and paediatric outpatient clinics on both hospital sites.

You can read a summary of the key points of the proposed changes, or read one of our documents including the Consultation Document or Summary for more detail.

We have also included a page on Travel and Transport which has all the documents relating to the travel analysis undertaken as part of the Pre-Consultation Business Case.

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